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Inside Athletics

Defiance College Intercollegiate Athletic Philosophy


The Defiance College intercollegiate athletic program serves as a window of opportunity for all prospective student-athletes to experience an extra-curricular educational and physical activity that fits within the general mission of the college to develop the whole person.

The student-athlete will be exposed to a variety of opportunities for personal growth in the areas of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical dimensions as it relates to each individual and their respective sport. The student-athlete, as a team member, will be involved in a learning community that will strive for excellence both on the field and in the classroom while maintaining a dignity of fair play and continued emphasis on positive sportsmanship.

Jointly, the coaches and student-athletes will build an engaged environment that will accentuate the learning process not only within the competitive arena but also within the college campus and the community as a whole. An emphasis will be placed on the impact of participation and personal growth, rather than scoreboard success, in a balanced sports program where equitable sports opportunities will be available to both genders.

The student-athletes of Defiance College choose to participate in the intercollegiate athletic program for a variety of reasons but none of which includes athletic related financial aid or the promise of financial security through professional athletic stardom. Through participation in the intercollegiate athletic program, a student-athlete continues to compete for the love of sport, the thrill of competition and the fulfillment of countless intrinsic values.

The Defiance College intercollegiate athletic program strives to be an integral and cohesive part of the collegiate learning and living process, appropriately well suited to co-exist with the Defiance College mission statement…to know-to lead-to serve and to understand.