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Women's Soccer Announces 25th Anniversary Team

Women's Soccer Announces 25th Anniversary Team

DEFIANCE, OHIO- Defiance College Women's Soccer is celebrating their 25th Anniversary season after their founding in 1994. To celebrate they are honoring the best eleven players over their 25 year history. The anniversary team has been nominated by past coaches, sports information directors and alumni players based on their contribution to the women's soccer program during their playing career. The selection for the team was by the current coaching staff based on those nominations and available statistics.

The players for selected for both the DCWS 25th Anniversary Team and the DCWS 25th Anniversary Honorable Mention Team be honored at halftime of the DCWS home game being held at Defiance College on September 21, 2019 at Winsper-Knobel Memorial Field.

     DCWS 25th Anniversary Team                                                                     

'06 Katie Diaz (Klear F
'05 Cheri Shields F
'01 Jennifer Jorgensen (Lafferty)  M
'14 Bibiana Para M
'09 Sarah Plas (Robeson) D
'13 Katie Elson (Heitkamp) D
'14 Kim Bingley D
'15 Chelsie Moyer D
'03 Michelle Morgan D
'02 Elizabeth Gillespie (Barton) D
'04 Amber Wright (Anderson) GK


           DCWS 25th Anniversary

          Honorable Mention Team                                                 

'97 Chris Delagrange-Kimpel   D
'04 Michelle Kavanaugh M/F
'05 Megan Murray (Johnson)  M
'05 Sara Baillie (Vantassel)      D/M
'05 Jessica Hoeppner (Schroeder) GK/M
'08 Sarah Sutter  GK
'09 Kaitlin Monberg M
'09 Stephanie Lieto D
'10 Deirdre Trujillo F
'11 Melissa Alston (Torrez) M
'12 Danielle Chadwick   D
'14 Karly Smith   M
'15 Lindsay Bubnick  M
'15 Melina Alexander  M
'16 Erica Islas F


 If any women's soccer alumni have not received a direct announcement from women's soccer they can update their alumni profile and information at